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5 Non-Traditional Benefits That Your Employees Will Enjoy

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To attract the best employees, your company needs to offer a combination of salary and benefits. As an added enticement, consider offering your workforce non-traditional benefits.

  • Wellness programs. Your workforce appreciates a focus on wellness, such as providing ergonomic furniture, digital health trackers, telehealth programs, or offering online support for weight loss or smoking cessation.
  • A comfortable, modern work environment. The office layout makes a difference to the employee quality of life. The old-school rows of cubicles will not attract today’s worker. An office redesign may be worth the cost, particularly adding shared work spaces to foster collaboration. Comfortable chairs, couches, meeting areas with greenery, a coffee bar or other amenities will be a well-used and popular upgrade.
  • Remote work opportunities. An employer who allows for remote work can not only gain the value of qualified personnel who live outside the local area but attract more local employees who prefer to work from home.
  • In-house gym or court. Not all employers have the space to install an in-house workout center, but if not, could offer discounted or paid gym memberships, in-house exercise or yoga classes, hikes, trail walks, running teams, or other options. Healthy employees are more productive, and happier overall.
  • More time off. Employers that shift to see Paid Time Off (PTO) notice that employees appreciate that they can take the time off they need when they need it. PTO days accumulate with years of employment and can aid in employee retention. These programs also benefit HR and management as the need to take time off is at the discretion of the employee, without oversight. Other increases in days off, Friday afternoons off once a month, or a 4 day week are among the most appreciated of all benefits in the current work environment.
  • Social events. Employees appreciate social events where they can relax, get to know each other outside the work environment, and build connections. Sporting events, volunteering, games, free lunches, or cocktail hour – create opportunities for social interaction and you will see the results in higher levels of collaboration.
  • Professional development. Many of the best employees want to rise up the ladder in a business. If you offer them educational opportunities to gain valuable skills for more responsibility and higher pay, you will not only gain loyalty, but employees that know your business from the bottom up – the ideal type of employee.
  • Company outings. Quarterly company outings are a perk employees love. Attend sporting events, concerts, theme parks, picnics, or other event. Survey your employees to find out the most popular type of outing so your investment appeals to the majority.
  • Bonuses. Employees love a game, and bonuses are one of the most valued incentives. When planning a bonus program, ensure the targets are not out of reach. Every employee should have the opportunity to win, whether just a Starbucks card or a cash bonus by reaching the target. Create games that everyone can win, rather than games with just one winner.

Need help with employee benefits? Connect with one of our local agents to discuss adding or changing your employee benefits program. New programs become available on the market that could save you on the bottom line and offer more. It is advised that you have your benefits program reviewed yearly.

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